Azar Vaghefi

Painting and Ceramics Fine Artist

Azar Vaghefi is a very passionate artist who depicts nature, color and light in her artwork. She is very inspired by the effect of sunlight when water runs on top of colorful stones, and she thrives to achieve the same magical feel through paint on canvas. She achieves this stained glass effect by breaking shapes down to their geometric essence and overlapping transparent colors. She is also an expert on abstract expressionist collage work Her recent work incorporates a number of different materials on canvas. Be it pieces of wood or fabric, she creatively mashes objects and paints with one another, creating textures that would otherwise be impossible to achieve solely with oil paint. Layers of transparent paint over pieces of paper and fabric, creates a harmony with these objects and the canvas, uniting them in one highly expressive work of art.

Starting pottery a few years ago, she fell in love with clay. Being a painter, she experiments with different glazes and underglazes.  Painting on different clay bodies with varying colors and textures is extremely exciting for her. Ceramic art is her new favorite way of expressing her love of pursuing esthetic beauty on a three dimensional surface.

When she was only 16 she received the first prize in the national junior painting competition in Iran and she never stopped painting after that. Graduating from Tehran Academy of Art, She got her PHD in Istanbul, Turkey. She had a number of exhibitions all over Iran and Turkey and she now lives and exhibits in California.

In this two section program, Azar Vaghefi talks about her upbringing in Iran and about the evolution of her art - before and after teaching in Kansas.